Global Future Farming Summit | 5 November 2019

Time for change

This summit is about tackling future challenges, experiencing tomorrow's techonologies and connecting with industry leaders in the food & ag chain

Donatello Piras


Donatello Piras is a much sought-after events host, presenter, discussion and debate facilitator with many years of experience at home and abroad. Donatello is on stage for companies, governments, NGOs and education almost daily.

He looks after all kinds of meetings and conferences where interactivity constitutes an important part. His energetic performances are characterized by professionalism, enthusiasm and sharpness.

Peter Joosten

Biohacker and human guinea pig

Peter Joosten is a biohacker and DIY-futurist. He investigates the impact of biohacking, human enhancement and transhumanism in his keynotes, articles and Youtube channel. He is a TEDx speaker and consultant at various companies and institutions.

He is the curator of the platform Superhuman Talks where he writes and interviews experts about the coming era of upgraded humans. He wrote ‘Biohacking’ about human enhancement and its implications.

Ole Green


Professor Ole Green is CEO and founder of AGROINTELLI, an Ag-Tech development company, developing and implementing automation technologies for sustainable plant production, intelligent IPM and IWM, and integration of sensor technology on agricultural machinery for improved DSS.

Professor in technology and intelligent solutions for sustainable soil management at the Department of AgroEcology, Aarhus University.


Ernst van den Ende

Managing Director Plant Sciences Group at Wageningen University & Research

Sjaak Wolfert

 Senior Scientist at Wageningen University & Resarch

Jan Roelof Jalvingh

Owner Hookwood Dairy

Dairy farmer with a background as nutritionist and consultant. Always looking for ways to improve his farming business. Very active on social media and farming discussion forums.  Active in various cooperative boards and advisory boards in dairy and breeding. Also member of the dairy development team of FrieslandCampina. Member of the European Dairy Farmers, a club of visionary dairy farmers.

Pierre-Henri Hamon

President SOYL France and owner at Hamon entreprise

After receiving his master’s degree in farming engineering and enterprise maangement Pierre-Henri started to work as a precision farming specialist for John Deer Company. After several years he went back to his family business as a farming contractor.

In 2014 he founded Cléo, a contractor private network based on innotion and in 2017 he founded a precision farming company. Nowadays he is president of SOYL France and owns his family business: Hamon entreprise.

Priscilla Asonibare

Communications lead at Hello Tractor

Priscilla Asonibare is responsible for leading Hello Tractor’s communication efforts, including website design & content creation; social media management; digital strategy implementation; and public relation. Her work background includes website maintenance, event planning and office management at Enspire Incubator Hub as well as an internship at the High-Tech Center for Nigerian Women & Youth where she gained experience pioneering the organization and participating in capacity building trainings for youth. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Babcock University.


Roxie Muller

Currently Innovation manager at Nedap

Roxie has a background in industrial design & engineering and a strong passion for technology. The drive to do what has never been done before and desire to keep pushing the boundaries of (product) development based on new technologies is a great fit with the philosophy of Nedap Livestock  Management.