Circular Agri Food Summit | 7 November 2019

Get inspired and make impact

This summit is about tomorrow's game changers, rethinking the system and tackling challenges through circular innovation.

Cas van Arendonk


Cas is a doer and likes to see results. Results in which economic and social goals are united. 100% relevant for all stakeholders and always looking for collaboration through collective entrepreneurship!

He speaks enthusiastically about this, preferably in an interactive way, in order to achieve even more results together. Cas is happy to give guest lectures, including the annual Corporate Social Responsibility lecture at Nyenrode Business University.

Volkert Engelsman

CEO Eosta, Nature & more

After graduating in economics and business administration Volkert worked for Cargill Inc USA before founding Eosta in 1990. The Dutch company is presently Europe’s largest and fastest growing importer, packer and distributor of organically grown fresh produce and serves major retailers and natural food stores in Europe, USA, Canada and the Far East.

All Eosta products carry a unique Nature & More ‘trace & tell’ (QR) code that provides retailers and consumers with direct web access to the unique story of the producer as well as to the ecological and social impact.

Martin Scholten

General Director Animal Sciences at Wageningen University & Research


Jason Drew

FLY-FARMER and Insect Technology pioneer at AgriProtein

Jason Drew is an international business leader and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist and author.

He has been described by Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, and by Forbes as ‘The Lord of the Flies, who would be king’. He was awarded the 2013 United Nations sponsored Innovation Prize for Africa and his companies have won numerous awards around the world.

Lennart Clerkx


 Founder This Side Up

Lennart founded the company to inspire roasters and growers to create value together so the coffee world can become a more equal, open place. An importer should simply facilitate communication and innovation between them and find the best way to get the coffee from A to B.

Therefore, his job is twofold: first, he helps progressive roasters to build relationships with the company’s partner growers and vice versa. Second, he provides roasters with full logistics service through a strong network of logistics partners.

Jan Kees Vis

Global Director Sustainable Sourcing Development at Unilever

Jan Kees Vis joined Unilever in 1985, in Research & Development. From 2001 to 2010, he was Global Supply Chain Director Sustainable Agriculture for Unilever.

In 2010, his job title changed to Global Director Sustainable Sourcing Development, making him responsible for developing sustainability standards for all of Unilever’s raw and packaging materials purchases. Jan Kees has been involved in, and holds or has held board positions in, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform, Sustainable Food Laboratory and the Roundtable for Responsible Soy.

Erik Schoppen

Chance-thinking innovator and idea accelerator

Drs. Erik Schoppen (1968) is a widely asked speaker about brain, brand, behavior, trust and leadership. In his lectures on the human brain and our behavior, he shows how to build trust and deploy trust from a social and sustainable perspective.

As a chance-thinking innovator and idea accelerator, he built up a reputation for his strong performances, inspiring people and organizations with his future-oriented vision of a pro-social society and sustainable economy.