Experience tour | 6 november 2019

Meet the experts

This tour will give you an unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the latest developments and innovations at WUR

Join our experts during our exlcusive experience tour at the Wageningen Campus, worlds best agricultural university. The attendees of the tour will be divided into four different groups of max. 25 persons. All the groups will visit all the tours in a different sequence.

08.30 Welcome & start tours

Tour – Digital Twins

Humanity is increasingly building digital images of real objects. These “digital twins” are created for living objects, such as cells, plants, animals, people and ecosystems, as well as for non-living objects, for instance, food and supply chains. Digital twins are created by deploying sensors and new sensing techniques, in combination with increased data connectivity, interconnected computing systems and artificial intelligence. They can be used not only to understand, describe and analyse reality, but also to predict the future state of those objects. text in the module Advanced settings.

Tour – The Protein Transition

Proteins are the building blocks of life on earth. Both their quantity and quality in food play a major role in human and animal health. As part of the protein transition, WUR is working with partners to increase access to sustainable proteins. In this session you’ll get an introduction to protein sources of the future, from chickpeas to chlorella to crickets, where to find them and how to use them. What are the bottlenecks to bringing these proteins into mainstream diet.

12.30 Lunch

Tour – The Circularity Challenge

The principles for circular food production. The redesign of crops, cropping systems and crop rotations intercropping systems. Rethinking of the recycling of organic matter and nutrients. Which by-products are available feeding the soil or the animals. Photosynthesis 2.0 plant power for the future, doubling crop yields by 2050.

Tour – Healthy Nutrition, Food as Medicine

How can sustainability and nutritional improvement move into the same direction. Sustainable innovations in health food, fresh food chains and the shelf life of fresh food products. Shifting diets, how do we incorporate nutrition and lifestyle advice into the treatment of chronically ill patients? Food as medicine.

17.00 Closing drinks



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