GLobal future farming summit

Step into your future at Wageningen Campus | 29 & 30 October 2020

Get inspired and unlock business potential

This summit is about tackling future challenges, experiencing tomorrow's techonologies and connecting with industry leaders in the food & ag chain

tackle the future challenges

experience tomorrow's technologies

connect with industry leaders


The Global Future Farming Summit aims to bring together 150 thought leaders, key buyers investors, business innovators, policy and decision makers in food and farming from all over the world to share new ideas and approaches on what’s happening in the future world of food and ag.

Connect and interact with future minded agribusiness professionals, unlock your business potential and learn how technology and data science contribute to improve effeciencies, profitability transparency.

The summit takes place at 29 October at the Wageningen University & Research campus, the world leading agricultural university. If you would like to experience the outstanding research facilities at the Wageningen Campus, please join us at 30 Otcober during the experience tour (only available for summit attendees).

“Great event with inspirations from future minded people in agriculture business. It helps to stay aware and sharp. ”

“The Global Future Farming Summit at the Wageningen UR campus was a good platform to connect and interact with (Inter)National agribusiness professionals. The speakers delivered interesting new ideas and approaches on what research and industry is doing in this arena.”